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Interview: Dan Kaseler about Vapor 2010

Dan Kaseler Header

Dan, this is a mighty impressive sail you have going here... tell us more about the new boom cutout and how it works!

You might wonder why the tail of the boom is really at the very top of the cutout hole when the sail is rigged, but not yet sailed.....it’s because when windsurfing the rider pulls down on the boom just by the nature of the way everything loads meaning when you are actually sailing, the boom is closer to the center of the hole at the boom. If you go for some negative outhaul, then the boom moves all the way near the bottom of the ‘inset clew’ hole so this cutaway space really serves a purpose.

This looks like technology that has not yet been seen before...

Yeah, we have been going crazy with this new creation! All the tricks are coming out of the bag! Check out the special non-removable, non-adjustable mini batten that sits just below the cutout. It makes sure that the load is spread evenly and no wrinkles develop from the design. It is oriented parallel to the main battens, not parallel to the bottom edge of the cutout, as you might expect.  This orientation makes sure that the sail can be comfortably rolled.

How about the number of battens and cams- looks like you have different numbers for different sizes?

Yes, I like to keep the proportions optimized for different luff lengths. The 6.7-12.0 all have 5 cams this year. This is up from 4 cams in 09. This ensures better profiles, especially near that top cam, where last year there was a bumpy knuckle on the leeward side of the sock.
Batten count is the same as last year....6.7-12.0 all have 8, while the smaller sizes have just 7.

So what can we expect from this new machine?

Well there is so much going on - all the team guys were asking for more acceleration, better top end, earlier planing.....we had a lot to accomplish so we stepped up to the plate and went to work. The new outline gives us more bottom end from the longer boom area (boom spec is shorter due to ‘inset clew’). The head is much narrower and this gives us better top end speed and control. We leaned out the entry and pushed the draft back - this has made a huge performance increase! The sails pump onto a plane, glide through the gusts and continuously accelerate!

What more can you ask for...

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