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Jamie Hancock - 2012 UK Wave Tour Interview

The final event of the UK tour took place in Cornwall, England for the final showdown and to see who would take the overall title. It was the fourth event after competitors had travelled to Rhoseneigr beach in Wales, Brandon Bay in Ireland and the Isle of Tiree in Scotland. Gaastra / Tabou rider Phil Horrocks had been leading the UK tour from the first event with fellow rider Jamie Hancock lying closely behind in 3rd place overall. With 25-30knots of side shore wind and head to logo high waves filling the bay the stage was set for the tour's finale.

After some close heats Jamie Hancock stormed through to take the event win with Phil narrowly losing out to making it into the top 6 crowning Jamie Hancock the 2012 British Wavesailing Champion title for 2012 with Phil Horrocks following up in 2nd overall. This giving Gaastra / Tabou the 1st and 2nd ranked UK riders and taking the British constructors title once again.

MP: Congrats Jamie on winning the UK Tour- you must be pretty happy about that! Did you know you had a shot at it or what was going through your head coming into the event?

Hi Matt, to be honest I didn't have much hope because Phil has been sailing really well all year and the chances of him falling at the final hurdle seemed pretty slim. Its hard to rely on somebody to do badly so all I did was focus on doing well, particularly as I had won this event the previous year.

MP: It looks like you guys have a lot of events on the national tour, how many guys are there at these events?

I believe we had over 200 competitors taking part this year on all levels which is pretty good. The UK tour is pretty impressive with awesome locations and a pretty high standard. We have 5 guys in the top 20 on the PWA competing so to come out on top is pretty tough.

MP: You had a pretty good battle with your team mate- what is that like? Are you guys talking together about the conditions and what size boards/sails you use in the heats?

Yea, I'd love to have a good story of cutting outhaul ropes and unscrewing footstraps but me and Phil get on really well and is a cool guy to have as a team mate. From leading the tour all year to drop to 2nd on the final day is pretty hard but he was the first person to come up and shake my hand which really says a lot.

MP: Who were your toughest competitors?

Well like I said there are 5 guys who compete on the tour at a high standard but there are plenty of guys who rip and probably could but have 'normal lives' and don't. My friend James Cox finished 2nd at this event and Phil was knocked out by Timo Mullen, they are just 2 guys who could win any UK event.

MP: What was your most used equipment?

We had a range of conditions throughout this tour but very little side-off shore sailing so I actually ended up using the Gaastra Pure and with my Dacurves. I found them to work really well in smaller waves. Although I have my manics mostly for wave conditions, as the tour panned out I actually ended up using the Pure's a bit more often in heats.

MP: Are you running your boards in Quad mode or Thruster? Why?

Twin fins actually (2x 15s). All summer i found they had been working well in the onshore windy conditions. But since I arrived back in the UK and for this final event in Cornwall I had switched back to quads (7s + 12s). I tend to ride more off my front foot for port tack and more off the back in starboard so I tend to switch a bit with fin size and set up. I am always trying to work on my style and the right fin set up really helps with that. Need a good screw driver and a bit of patience!

MP: What are your favorite features of the 2013 sails?

How light they feel. The new materials we have in the sails has really given them a lighter feel and better manouverability which is great.

MP: What plans do you have for 2013?

Luckily enough last year I was able to work with Peter and the team in Cape Town on the current sail range and I would like to do the same. The amount of work that goes in to the sails each year really is a lot more work than I thought! So I hope to be there and have as much fun as possible with it.

MP: Seems like a great way to end the season! Nice job….. what are you doing to celebrate?

I think book a flight to Cape Town!! :)

Jamie Hancock - UK Wave Champ Jamie Hancock - UK Wave Champ Jamie Hancock - UK Wave Champ Jamie Hancock - UK Wave Champ Jamie Hancock - UK Wave Champ Jamie Hancock - UK Wave Champ Jamie Hancock - UK Wave Champ Jamie Hancock - UK Wave Champ Jamie Hancock - UK Wave Champ

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